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original tutorial here
Thank you Anita for allowing me to translate your tutorial

Annika has created this wonderful tube "Annika_OrientalLady-mac" - Thank you Annika.

May I point out that the tubes used here are strictly for personal use.
Do not change their names and watermarks and do not upload them on other websites.
Should you need to use these tubes for any other use than personal,
please contact the tubers first for permission.


You will need :

the zip file (a gradient, a silver tile, a presetshape, a font and my tube JapaneseSign) here

a tube of an oriental portrait (size high : 500 px)

mask 20/20 here

plugins Xero here and Jeux de Lignes here

put the gradient in your PSP gradients folder
put the pluging in your plugins folder 

put the presetshape in your PSP preset shapes folder

put the mask 20/20 in your PSP masks folder

Let's get started … and do not forget to save often !

  1. Select 3 colours to match with your tube : I used #010A08 (grey) #950101 (red) and #FDFEFF (white)
  2. Open your tubes and duplicate them. Close the originals. We will be using the copies.
  3. In your Material Properties palette prepare a linear gradient with 3 colours (gradient Japan) as shown below. custom colour : #FDFEFF
  4. Open a new image 500x500 px – transparent.
  5. Flood fill with your gradient.
  6. Adjust => Blur => Gaussian Blur : 50
  7. Effects => plugins => Jeux de Lignes => entrelacement with these settings
  8. Open the tube of your oriental portrait.
  9. Layers => Load/Save mask => load mask from disk. Select mask 20/20. Invert transparency not ticked off.
  10. Layers => merge visible layers

  11. Right click => copy and paste as new layer in your working image.
  12. Image => resize to 80% (resize all layers not ticked off)
  13. Move the tube to the upper left side of the tag.
  14. Effects => 3D Effects => drop shadow witht the following settings : 5 / 4 / 20 / 5 - colour black
  15. Open the JapaneseSign tube. Right click => copy and paste as new layer in your working image.
  16. Image => resize to 40% (resize all layers not ticked off). You should get this :
  17. Adjust => Hue and saturation : colorize with these settings
  18. Effects => 3D effects => add a drop shadow (same settings as step 13)
  19. Open your 3rd tube. Right click => copy and paste as new image in your working image. Move it to the right of your tag.
  20. In the layers palette : opacity 14%
  21. Merge visible layers
  22. Add a new layer
  23. With your selection tool draw a custom selection with the following settings
  24. Set the colour #FDFEFF in your foreground and flood fill the selection. In the layers palette : opacity 14%
  25. Selections => select none
  26. Effects => 3D effects => add a drop shadow with the following settings :
  27. Set the red colour in your background. Desactivate the foreground. Write your name with the following settings :

  28. Move your text to the right of the rectangle. In the layers palette right click on the layer => convert to raster layer. Name the layer : name
  29. Effects => 3D effects with the following settings : 5 / 4 / 20 /5 - colour : FDFEFF
  30. In the layers palette : opacity 14% - blend mode : overlay
  31. Duplicate the layer "name" and change the copy's blend mode to Luminance (legacy)
  32. Go back to your layer "text" and change the mode blend to screen

  33. Stay with your layer "name". Go to Effects => Distortion effects => wind

  34. With the pick tool slightly stretch and flatten your text (with the handles). Repeat with the layer copy of text. Play with your pick tool to your liking to get the best result.
  35. Merge visible layers
  36. Add a new raster layer
  37. Set the silver tile in background and a dark colour in your foreground.
  38. In the preset shape tool settingsbar look for the preset cdsign_ornamente_03
  39. Draw your preset shape in the upper right side of your tag. (see the finished tag)
  40. Effects => 3D effects => add a drop shadow with these settings : 2 / 2 / 24 / 4 - colour black
  41. In the layers palette => blend mode : hard light
  42. Merge all layers (flatten)
  43. Image => add borders : 3 px - white colour. With the magic wand (feathering 0) select the borders and flood fill with the silver tile.
  44. Selections => invert
  45. Effects => 3D effects => cutout :
  46. Selections => select none
  47. Effects => plugins => Xero : porcelain
  48. Effects => plugins => xero : illustrator

  49. Adjust => one step photo fix
  50. Files => export => JPG optimizer
You are done !
I hope you enjoyed doing this tutorial.
Translated by Silmaril Designs - June 2nd, 2006

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