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Thank you Anita for allowing me to translate your tutorial



Written for intermediate PSP users

Done with PSP X but can be done with other PSP versions

Patry kindly gave her permission to use her wonderful tubes in this tutorial.

Thank you Patry.

Patry’s website here.

You will need :

The zip file (font "japanese" and lights preset) here

An oriental woman dressed in red and black tube

An oriental script tube

The plugins FM Tile Tools – Xero – Filters Unlimited 2.0 – Mock

Put your plugins in your pluginq folder

Put the lights preset in your PSP presets folder

Put the tubes in the folder of your choice


Let’s get started


  1. Open your tubes and duplicate them. Close the original images. We will be working with the duplicated ones
  2. Open a new image – 1054 x 450 px – transparent
  3. In your Material Properties palette : foreground : #541705 and backgroud : #d72221. Create a foreground gradient with these settings :

  4. Flood fill your image with this gradient
  5. Go to Adjust => Blur => Gaussian blur : 50
  6. Go to Effects => plugings => FM Tile Tools : Blend Emboss (default settings)
  7. Effects => plugins => Filters Unlimited 2.0 => Colors Filters : Blue Sky with these settings

  8. Go to Image => flip
  9. Effects => Distorsion effects => Skipy Halo with this settings :

  10. Open the woman’s tube. Right click on the image => copy and paste as new layer on your working image.
  11. Image => resize to 80% ((all layers not selected)
  12. Adjust => sharpness => sharpen
  13. Effects => 3D effects => drop shadow : 4 / 5 / 28 / 20 - black
  14. Move the tube to the left side of your working image (as shown on the finished top)
  15. In the layer palette duplicate the tube. Go to Image => mirror
  16. Open your oriental scripting tube. Copy and past as new layer on your working image.
  17. Image => resize to 70% (all layers not selected)
  18. Add same drop shadow as step 13.
  19. Move the tube until it is placed between the two women’s faces (as shown on the finished top). In the layers palette => merge visible layers
  20. Effects => plugins => Mock : Bevel with this setting

  21. Select the transparent fine lines created by the plugin Mock (see screenshot below)

  22. With your foreground  colour #541705 flood fill the selection. Selections => select none
  23. Selections => select all. Selections => modify => contract 20 px. Selections => invert. Add a new layer
  24. Flood fill the new layer with your gradient
  25. Effects => Image effects => seamless tiling with these settings

  26. Effects => plugins => FM Tile Tools : Blend Emboss (default settings)
  27. Effects => 3D Effects => Inner Bevel with these settings

  28. Selections => select none. Add a new layer
  29. Using the Japanese font with your Text tool write your name (keep the gradient foreground for the stroke) with the following settings

  30. Add same drop shadow as step 13. Layers palette : Merge all
  31. Effects => Illumination effects => Lights. Look for the preset « Yuna_oriental » in the presets window and apply.
  32. Adjust => Hue and saturation => Hue – Saturation and Brightness  settings as below

  33.  Effects => plugins => Xero : Porcelain with these settings

  34.  File => Export => JPG optimizer.

You are done !

I hope you enjoy doing this tutoriel.

translated by SilmarilDesigns  - May 21st 2006

©SilmarilDesign 2006-2008
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