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Thank you Eve for allowing me to translate your tutorials.

RozenMaiden kindly allowed me to use her tubes for this lesson.

Thank you RozenMaiden
RozenMaiden shares her tubes in her Yahoo! Group here

May I point out that the tubes used here are strictly for personal use.
Do not change their names and watermarks and do not upload them on other websites.
Should you need to use these tubes for any other use than personal,
please contact the tubers first for permission.

You will need :
2 tubes of your choice - some brushes
The following plugins : XENOFEX (Baked Earth) - FILTERS UNLIMITED 2.0 (Noise filters)
  1. Open a new image 650 x 500 px transparent

  2. Material palette : create a gradient with 3 colors as shown below :

  3. Flood fill your working image with the gradient with these settings :

  4. Effects => plugins => Xenofex => Backed Earth with these settings :

  5. Copy and paste as new layer your first tube. With the Pick tool enlarge it towards the image's edges.

  6. Blend mode : screen

  7. Again copy and paste as new layer the same tube and display it slightly out of line from the previous layer.

  8. Blend mode : dissolve

  9. Copy and paste your second tube as new layer. Display it as shown on the finished tag.

  10. Add a new layer.

  11. With the selection tool draw a circle.

  12. Flood fill the circle with a colour of your 2nd tube. (tip : you should get a better result with a colour a bit darker)

  13. Layers Palette : move down. Blend mode : lighten

  14. Effects => Illumination effects => sunburst with these settings :

  15. Effects => plugins => Filters Unlimited => Noise filters => XNoise with these settings :

  16. Add some brushes and your text.

  17. Merge all and add borders.

  18. Save in JPG optimizer

You are done !
I hope you enjoyed doing this tutorial.

Translated by SilmarilDesigns, June 18th 2006
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