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Original tutorial here

Thank you Jeany and Colette for allowing me to translate your tutorials.

MarieL kindly allowed me to use her beautiful tube. Thank you MarieL.

May I point out that the tubes used here are strictly for personal use.
Do not change their names and watermarks and do not upload them on other websites.
Should you need to use these tube for an other use than personal,
please contact the tubers first.


You will need :
the tube, the mask and the presets in the zip file here
the plugings TOADIES: rasterline - ALIEN SKIN EYE CANDY 5 IMPACT : backlight and perspective shadow

Put the tube in a folder of your choice
Put the mask in your PSP masks folder
Put the preset Perspective Backlight "Chloe" in Alien Skin\EyeCandy 5 Impact\settings\Backlight folder
Put the preset Perspective Shadow "Chloe_ps_shadow" in Alien Skin\EyeCandy 5 Impact\settings\Shadow folder
  1. Select 2 colours that match your tube. Here I used #F3E982 for the foreground and #6e992f for the background. In your foreground materials property create a gradient : linear - angle 0 - repeats 0 - Invert checked

  2. Open a new image 1024 x 350 and flood fill with the gradient

  3. Layers palette => duplicate. Image => flip

  4. Effects => Toadies => rasterline with these settings

  5. Effects => distortion effects => polar coordinates : rectangular to polar checked - edge mode : transparent

  6. Image => resize to 75% - smart size - resize all layers unchecked

  7. Magic wand with these settings

  8. Starting from the very centre, select all the empty spaces between lines. If needed zoom in and eventually set visibility toogle of layer 1 off.

  9. Add a new layer and flood fill the selection with your gradient.

  10. Selections => select none (Ctrl D) and repeat step 5 with the distortion effects. You should get this

  11. Go back to the layer below (copy of raster 1). Effects => 3D Effects => drop shadow with these settings and apply it twice.

  12. Again Effects => 3D Effects => drop shadow : 1 / 1 / 100 / 1 - background colour

  13. Go the bottom layer : Effects => plugins => Mura's Meister => Clouds : Tears. If you hit the reset colours button several times you will see that you can modify the clouds'place.

  14. Layers => Load/save mask => load mask from disk and select the Fadebottom mask. Settings : source luminance - fit to canvas - invert transparency unchecked - hide all mask

  15. Layers => merge => merge group

  16. Effects => Image effects => seamless tiling with these settings :

  17. Image => canvas size (pay attention to placement)

  18. Add a new layer and flood fill with your background dark colour.

  19. Layers palette => arrange => send to bottom and go back to the top layer

  20. Click on an empty space of your layer. Selections => invert.

  21. Selections => modify : contract to 70

  22. Effects => plugins => Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact : backlight. Go to settings and select "Chloe". If you are using other colours, go to colours and change it by yours
  23. Selections => select none (Ctrl D)

  24. Open MarieL tube "MarieL2006avril_flower01at" or your own tube and resize it to 400 px height

  25. Edit => copy. Edit => paste as new layer.

  26. Effects => plugins => Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact : Perspective Shadow. Go to settings and select "Chloe_ps_shadow".

  27. Layers => duplicate. Image => mirror. Image => resize to 60 % - resize all layers unchecked.

  28. Layers palette => blend mode : Luminance Legacy and lower opacity between 45 and 55%

  29. Place the tube to your liking or as shown on the finished top. Layers => move down

  30. Add your text. Layers => merge all.

  31. Export as JPG optimizer

You are done !
I hope you enjoyed doing this tutorial.

Translated by SilmarilDesigns, June 21th 2006
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