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original tutorial here

Thank you Lorna for allowing me to translate your tutorials.

Monique42 and NightAngel kindly allowed me to use their tubes for this tutorial.
Thanks to both of you.

Monique42 and NightAngel share their tubes here and here

May I point out that the tubes used here are strictly for personal use.
Do not change their names and watermarks and do not upload them on other websites.
Should you need to use these tubes for any other use than personal,
please contact the tubers first for permission.


You will need

the zip file here. (The tubes and image in the zip file are those used in the 2nd tag below)
the plugin FILTERS UNLIMITED 2.0

the tutorial is downloadable in pdf format here

  1. Set your foreground with a dark colour and your background with a light colour, both matching your tube

  2. Open a new image 500 xw450 px - transparent. Flood fill with your dark colour

  3. Open your image. Copy and paste as new layer. Move it to the left side of your working image

  4. With your Deformation Raster tool, stretch the image to the right edge of your working image

  5. Layers palette => opacity 12 - blend mode : Luminance Legacy

  6. Open NightAngel's tube "Master_and_Commander_misted_na_23(1)06.2006". Copy and paste as new layer on your working image. Set the tube as shown on the finished tag.

  7. Effects => edge effects => enhance. Layers palette => opacity 34 - blend mode : difference

  8. Open Monique's tube "Tubed by Monique42_1104". Copy and paste as new layer on your working image. Image => resize to 80% (resize all layers unchecked) and move it to the right side.. Layers palette => blend mode : Luminance Legacy

  9. Effects => edge effects => enhance.

  10. Layers palette : Merge visible

  11. In your text tool settings select the Unkul font with these settings. (tip : the font size depends on the length of your text. In the original tutorial Lorna set the font size to 72)

  12. Convert your text vector layer to raster. Effects => 3D effects => drop shadow : 1 / 1 / 100 / 1 - black

  13. Add a new layer. Flood fill with your light colour. Layers palette => arrange => send to bottom

  14. Go back to your merged layer. Effects => plugins => Filters Unlimited 2.0 => Edges square : square edge 12

  15. Effects => 3D effects => drop shadow : 5 / 5 / 100 / 15 - your dark colour. Repeat with H and V : -5

  16. Merge all (flatten)

  17. Image => add borders : 2 px - your dark colour. With the magic wand (feather 0) select the border. Selections => invert

  18. Effects => 3D effects => cutout : V 0 - H 0 - opacity 75 - blur 25 - your dark colour

  19. Image => add borders : 2 px - your light colour.

  20. Image => add borders : 2 px - your dark colour.

  21. Add your name. File => export => JPG optimizer

You are done !
I hope you enjoyed doing this tutorial.

Translated by Silmaril Designs on july 23rd 2006

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