Japanese Sweetness

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Original tutorial here
Thank you Lorna for allowing me to translate your tutorials.

Marif created the tubes used here. Thanks you Marif.
Marif shares her tubes in her Yahoo! sharing group here

May I point out that the tubes used here are strictly for personal use.
Do not change their names and watermarks and do not upload them on other websites.
Should you need to use these tubes for any other use than personal,
please contact the tubers first for permission.

You will need the supplies here
the following plugins : DragonFly-SinedotsII and FMTile Tools here

  1. Open and duplicate the tubes. Close originals
    Open Kris 127_mask and minimize it at the buttom of your working area

  2. File => new image 550x400 px, transparent.
    In the Materials palette select a dark colour from the tube for the background and a light colour for the foreground. (Here I used : foreground = #fce7d8 and background = #ab0b4b)
    With the floodfill tool fill your image with the light colour.

  3. Layers => add a new raster layer.
    With the floodfill tool fill the layer with the dark colour.

  4. Layers => new mask layer => from image. Select Kris 127_mask br>Layers => merge => merge group

  5. Open Marif_2006_juillet_lady02 tube. Right click => copy
    Paste as new layer in your working image
    Image => resize to 40% - "resize all layers" unchecked
    blend mode => lighten
    place the tube in the upper center of your working image (see the finished tag)

  6. Open Marif_2006_aout_misted_flowers033 tube. Right click => copy
    Paste as new layer in your working image
    Blend mode : luminance (legacy).
    Place the tube as shown on the tag above

  7. Layers palette => right click => duplicate. Resize to 40%. Image => flip
    Place the tube under the big flower. Opacity 50%

  8. Go back to the big flower layer.
    Effects => 3D effects => drop shadow : vert. 9 ; hor. -9 ; opacity 100 ; colour of the background.
    Layers palette => merge all.

  9. Image => add borders : 2px (background colour)
    Image => add borders : 30 px (foreground colour)

  10. Select the light coloured border with the magic wand

  11. Effects => plugins => DragonFly/SinedotsII with the following settings :

  12. Selections => promote selection to layer Layers palette => right click => duplicate. Image => mirror. Image => flip
    Layers palette => opacity 50%. Merge down.
    Effects => plugins => FM Tile Tools => Blend Emboss (do it twice)

  13. Image => add borders : 2 px background colour

  14. Select your text tool. With the Japanese font write your name (direction vertical and right).
    place your text on the upper left side.

  15. Layers palette : merge all. Save under psp format. If you are not interested by a butterflies animation, save your work => export => jpeg optimizer.

  16. Now you can add an animation on your tag. In Animation Shop open your tag.
    Duplicate it until you get 10 images. Stay on the first image.
    Open the butterflies gif. Select one. Edition => select all.
    Drag the first butterfly where you want on the first image. The papillon gif must be seen on all the images.

  17. Do it again with the other 2 butterflies.

  18. Now have a look at your animation. Looks funny, doesn't it ?

  19. Save your work on gif format.
    Should you want to see the animation, just have a look at Lorna's "Charme Japonais" tutorial (link above)

You are done !
I hope you enjoyed doing this tutorial.

Translated by Silmaril, August 23rd, 2008.

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