CHEZ MICHEL - july 2006
Creations Michel
original tutorial HERE

The tubes have been created by Ann and MD.
The main tube "Danse of the Geisha" is mine.

May I point out that the tubes used here are strictly for personal use.
Do not change their names and watermarks and do not upload them on other websites.
Should you need to use these tubes for any other use than personal,
please contact me first for permission

You will need the supplies here

  1. Open your tubes. Copy and close original

  2. Open a new image 550 x 450 px - background white

  3. Effects => Fliters Unlimited => Paper textures => papyrus : intensity 70 - lightness 90

  4. Add a new raster layer. Flood fill with #e2d1b4

  5. Layers => New mask layer => from image - select MD-Chinese image with the following settings :

  6. Layers palette => merge => merge group
    Adjust => sharpness => unsharp mask (default settings)

  7. Effects => 3D effects => cutout with these settings :

  8. (In my tag I did it twice for I found the sign is better viewed)

  9. Layers palette : opacity 50

  10. Open Ann's misted tube Chinese-paysage. Right click => copy and paste as new layer in your working image
    Layers palette : opacity 60
    Effects => Edges effects> enhance
    Slightly move the tube to the right

  11. Open a woman's tube to your liking. Right click => copy and paste as new layer in your working image
    Move to the left

  12. Effects => 3D Effects => drop shadow with the following settings :

  13. Open the fan tube. Right click => copy and paste as new layer in your working image
    Move to the upper right corner

  14. Image => free rotate with the following settings :

  15. Adjust => sharpness => unsharp mask (default settings)
    Effects => 3D Effects => drop shadow (same settings as above)

  16. Layers palette => Merge visible

  17. Materials palette : foreground #000000 - background #6C6A55
    With your text tool and a oriental-looking font write your text. Here I wrote ORIENTAL with the font DFLiFancySong1b
    Image => free rotate to your liking.
    Effects => plugins => FM Tile Tools => blend emboss (default setting)
    Layers palette : opacity 45

  18. Layers palette => Merge visible

  19. Add a new layer. Selections => select all

  20. Selections => modify => contract 25 px

  21. Selections => invert.

  22. Flood fill the selection with the colour #624b37
    Effects => Texture effects => Blinds with the following settings :

    Of course, you can choose other colours depending on your main tube
    Also, you can lower opacity of the frame to 50. It's up to you !

  23. Selections => invert again. Now just your tag is selected

  24. Effects => 3D Effects => Cutout with the following settings :

  25. Repeat cutout with vert./hor. -1

  26. Selections => select none

  27. Add your name. Add borders to your liking.

  28. Layers palette => merge all (flatten)
    File => Export => jpeg optimizer.

You are done !
I hope you enjoyed doing this tutorial.

Translated by Silmaril, September 7th, 2008.

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