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Creations Michel

original tutorial HERE

The tubes Aragorn and Autumnmisted that are used here are mine.

May I point out that the tubes used here are strictly for personal use.
Do not change their names and watermarks and do not upload them on other websites.
Should you need to use these tubes for any other use than personal,
please contact me first for permission


You will need :

the zip files here and here
the plugins SIMPLE - FM Tile tools

put the tubes, background and gold tile in a folder of your choice
put the plugings in your plugins folder 
put the mask 20/20 in your PSP masks folder

  1. Open a new image 600 x450 - transparent

  2. Flood fill with black colour

  3. Add a new layer

  4. Selections => select all

  5. Open the tile "graphic_20background_2027". Copy and paste into selection of your working image

  6. Selections=> select none

  7. Layers palette => lower opacity to 50

  8. Effects => plugins => FM Tile Tools : blend emboss (default settings)

  9. Open the tube "SassyIllusion-love". Copy and paste as new layer

  10. Image => resize to 150 % (all layers unchecked). (If you are using a different size for your tag you will have to adapt the layer's size increase. Michel resized the layer up to 120 % for his tag size is 400 x 400. I have chosen a larger tag size)

  11. Layers palette => lower opacity to 38%

  12. Merge visible layers

  13. Effects => plugins => Simple : quick tile. If you want to use this image as background, copy and paste as new image for further use.

  14. Add a new layer to your working image

  15. Flood fill with a light colour. Here I used Michel's #C9aea2

  16. Layers => load/save mask => load mask from disk and select MD-mask-109 with these settings :

  17. Layers => merge => merge group

  18. Layers palette => lower opacity to 40. Duplicate the layer

  19. Image => free rotate : 90% right (all layers unchecked)

  20. With your move tool move the 2 layers to your liking

  21. Merge visible layers

  22. Open my tube "Silmaril_mistedautum_2006_07". Copy and paste as new layer in your working image. Move the tube to the lower right corner

  23. Layers palette => lower opacity to 60.

  24. Open my tube "Silmaril_Aragorn_misted_2006_07". Copy and paste as new layer in your working image. Move the tube to the left side. Lower opacity to 70 (or to your liking. It depends on the tube you are using).

  25. Merge all (flatten)

  26. Select the selection tool : rectangle - feathering 20

  27. Add a new layer

  28. Draw a rectangle as shown below :

  29. Flood fill the rectangle with the #C9aea2 colour. Do it twice.

  30. Effects => texture effects => blinds with these settings :

  31. Effects => plugins => FM Tile Tools : blend emboss

  32. Lower opacity to 40

  33. Selections => select none

  34. Layers palette => duplicate.

  35. Image => flip. Image => mirror

  36. Display your layers to your liking (see the finished tag)

  37. Merge all (flatten)

  38. Image => add borders : 2 px white

  39. with your magin wand tool (feathering 0) select the white border and flood fill with the gold texture. (you can add more borders as I have done here.)

  40. With your text tool add your text and your name

  41. Merge all (flatten)

  42. File => export => JPG optimizer

You are done
I hope you enjoyed doing this tutorial

Translated by Silmaril Designs on july 23rd 2006
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